What will be different in 2016?



I spend a lot of time thinking about what I want out of life. Most days, I'm pretty good at not outlining, focusing on the moment, being in the present. However, this time of year and the past few days in particular, I've had a little bit of time for reflection and also planning.

Here are some questions I'm asking. What are you asking yourself?

16 Questions for 2016

  1. What do I want January 1st, 2017 to look like and where do I want to be?
  2. In the end, what do I want it all to be for?
  3. If I were to die tomorrow, would I be happy with what I did today every single day?
  4. How will I create more space in my life?
  5. What would propel me out of bed every morning?
  6. Will I continue to let fear, procrastination and indecision dominate?
  7. How will I engage more with and create a tribe of like-minded folks focused on positivity, creativity & changing their lives?
  8. Do I fully believe in myself?
  9. Am I willing to question everything that I think I know about the way things have to be?
  10. How will I create a better version of myself on a daily basis?
  11. How will I inspire, encourage and support others in my life? How will I be the change?
  12. What more am I willing to let go of?
  13. Can I downsize, downshift, minimalize and live more fully with less material possessions?
  14. Can I set aside the motivations I used to let drive me, my goals and my life.
  15. How will I stay motivated?
  16. Can I stay true to myself, continue relentlessly and remember where I want to be?
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