Words to live by...

My life is in transition. In every area. What I do. How I live. Who I want to be.

After attending a conference earlier this year, I took some time to write down what I want my life to look life & how I want to be.

Dream. Live authentically. Be vulnerable. Look for deeper meaning. Get quiet. Serve people. Be honest. Keep your heart open. Trust. Explore. Create. Love. Redefine happiness. See beauty. Believe. Find joy. Live simply. Be still. Take chances. Be free. Recognize & face fear. seek discomfort. Go outside. Turn the power off. Read. Learn. Sacrifice. Give freely. Love unconditionally. Look for the positive. See the opportunity. Live unconventionally. Be grateful. Be compassionate. Have empathy. Abandon false truths. Reevaluate. Plan. Be impulsive. Evaluate direction. Sit. Breathe. Run. Climb. Inspire. Encourage. Comfort. Lighten. Relieve. Mentor. Remember. Let go. Forgive. Heal. Appreciate. Untether. Smile often. Lift others. Find peace. Share path. Say hello. Pretend I've known strangers forever. Let down walls. Be real. Make new friends. Adventure. Give gifts. Listen underneath. Go deeper. Relax. Reveal. Uncover. Discard. Do scary things. Go out on a limb. Put yourself out there. Disregard what others might think. Lose yourself in thought. Play out your dreams. Have courage. Take chances. Don't hedge bets. Stop playing it safe. Be the first. Stand up for others. Compliment strangers. Don't overthink. See what happens. Just to see how it feels. Walk through the fear. Embrace the pain. Let it all go. Smile when you want to look down. Share your experience. Share your pain. Live your truths. Let others know you've been there. Acknowledge the fears. Recognize conditioning. Unlearn. Live

What words are you living for?