These days...

I've been doing a lot lately. And while I'm not a particular busy guy, but rather someone that tends to prioritize a gentle to the days, my life's been intentionally full recently.  

I've been traveling. I've been writing. I've been pitching. I've been preparing. I've been planning. Some projects are coming together, while some new ones are percolating. It's been a month of hustle, with some nature, some quiet, and many early mornings of peaceful reflection.

This month I've spent nearly three weeks out of town, leading me to be reminded how lovely it is to have a comfortable, quiet home base. Sometimes when I'm home, I wish I was soaking up a forest. Then when I'm gazing at the mountains watching fish rise to chase flies, I miss the comforts of home. 

If anything, this past month reinforced an appreciation for truly being in the moment and staying in the present wherever I am. There is a time for home and a time for travel. There is a time for go and a time to be.

But upon reflection the past few sunny days, I've come to really appreciate and acknowledge the simple sounds of the songs birds that abound. Late spring in the northwest finally allows for doors and windows open near round-the-clock, so I've been keeping the sounds down, music off, podcasts on pause to hear the soundtrack of the coming season I love so much.

And while I get out year-round for adventure, soon ll be camping, running, hiking to the vibrant background of blue skies, puffy piles of cumulus clouds and thick green forests. I'll swap tacky wet flip flops for dusty dry desert toes and soon I'll sleep under the stars and wake to the gentle ballads of birds I don't know.

Summer's are special for me; my favorite season. For a long time, I worked right through them. This year, I'll make the most of every moment whether I'm here or there amd be fully at peace with the song bird's lullabies.