Seasons, the slow & the go

Just like the leaves of an Aspen turning to gold, the arrival of the first buds of spring alongside and the start of morning chirping of songbirds signifies changing season, so to are the subtilties of our indicators.

There are seasons of rest, seasons of bustle. We experience seasons of pain & seasons of joy. Just like nature's seasons come & go amid constant change and transition, so to do our lives.

I'm in another one of them transitions, from a year focused primarily on rest, relaxation & personal introspection to one of focus and clarity and growth.

The season of ideas and dreaming and simply being is slowly fading into to a season of execution and action and inspiration.

I've sat. I've prayed. I've quieted. Now I'm eagerly anticipating a season of go, of do, of execution.

Last year I attended World Domination Summit just after I left my last career gig to strike out on my own (again), It's been one of the best years of my life since my childhood. I've played, I've rested, I've explored, I've read, I've served, I've grown, I've been focused on self-exploration & discovery of what matters to me.

This week, I'll return for my second year with a better understanding of how the event works.  I'm looking forward to the inspiration, to pushing myself through personal boundaries, deep connections & conversations.

If you see me, say hi. I can't wait to meet new friends.