As someone who values solitude, I have to remind myself often of its importance. The distractions and urgency will do that.

In a world that's never quiet, in a world that's go-go-go, in a world that shouts possessions and achievement and productivity and self and sufficiency and success, I must retreat often to a desolate place to keep perspective.

To the place of quiet reflection, a place of inward inspection, the place of silent surrender. To a place without distraction, to a place without the hurry, to a place where time stands still. In that place, I find renewal, strength, and peace. 

I wonder how many people in this world are ever truly alone with themselves. There is always noise. There is always traffic. There is always rush. There is always more to do. There is always another email, notifications, constant buzzings... There is more Netflix to watch. More news to catch. More social media to scroll.

But as one strips it away, the only thing that matters is all that remains.

It's not always easy to sit silently with only yourself. But it's one of the most spiritually and functional disciplines I regularly practice. I go to fire lookouts, camp by quiet streams & mountain lakes, I take personal retreats. I sit in silence often.

I go away to a quiet place, and I find rest. Sometimes I never leave.