Live Your Legend

He Lived His Legend


Scott Dinsmore died this week doing what he loved, sadly becoming his legend all too soon. Scott died climbing Mt Kilimanjaro on a year-long around-the-world trip with his wife Chelsea.

I first discovered Live Your Legend earlier this year, read his stuff, followed him on Facebook, got the emails. I didn't know him, yet I felt I did. 

He exuded passion. He was inspiring. Anything was possible. You could do this he said, whatever it was.

Scott was probably best known for his inspirational TED talk How To Find And Do Work You Love. I recommend you watch it.

In the beginning he references the start of one of my favorite Henry David Thoreau quotes from Walden.

The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation...

I received Scott's last email on August 20th and it included a quote that really resonated with me: 

“Some people are so poor, all they have is money.”

His last blog post was titled I’m Going Off the Grid: Therapy for an Addicted & Over-Connected World and issued a challenge that i'll accept.

My challenge to you is simple – find a way to disconnect over the next couple weeks.

You get to make the rules. I’m not talking about suddenly going dark for a week or two. I realize that takes planning, so do whatever makes sense for you.

The work will be there. Nobody will miss the social media posts. Email can wait. 

None of us can take any of it with us. Not money, not job titles, not things. Scott too doesn't take any of it with him, but by living what he spoke, wrote and shared so passionately he can surely take the impact he's had on others and the adventures he experienced.

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Read what Leo Babauta's wrote about Scott's passing.