An intro, a beginning, a process...

So i'm just now beginning to find a place for years and years of what i really didn't do anything with or put in appropriate locations. Today i launched this site as a content house for all the stuff & things i do, create, work on and am passionate about that get scattered all about on hard drives, social media, work servers, back up drives, posted, shared and stored.

It's rapidly becoming a different economy and to be a part of it with the freedom & flexibility i desire, i've realized that i've got to pull it all together to showcase what i do and who i am. Show it, not say it. Feature it, not sell it. I'm also hoping a little bit that it helps in creating some clarity in how i want my days to look, my projects to entail and my life to be. If you've made it to this, welcome. If you have any feedback, i'd love to hear it.