Through The Eyes

I see through are not my own, this worldview revealed
  the perspective earned with pain & agony

Long held, its grip tightened by an ever frenzied world
  remorse built, dreams left smoldering, ashen & burnt

The world I see through eyes that are not my own,
   beauty, color, love, exhilaration, hope

The world built through pain, suffering & misery
   this world of anticipation, expectancy, and joy today held

But with these eyes, the ability to see remains. In others, in
   passing glances with fleeting insights into hearts and souls

Through these eyes I see, others nearly too deeply, fully, actually
   one cannot hide the pain and truth within and under them

Watch closely, look insightfully, seek depth, explore them
   for they will not tell, of their own

For what they are and what they hold not simply there
   but only seen with perspectives gained, through toil & pain