Only What Matters

Hold only what matters.
And as you do, do so loosely.

Quiet your mind, still your heart.
Everywhere you look, distractions & temptations.

Look deeply inside. And do so often.
Embrace what you discover. Untangle what's been knotted & remains tightly bound.

Let go of life's stuff, expectations, beliefs & ideas. 
And as you go, rest & renew your mind.

Hold only what matters. That which cannot be held.

A Quiet Place

I seek a quiet place.
A mountain, a stream, a lake.
A quiet place, where thoughts move in tidal swings.

I seek a simple life.
Of trees, explosive sunrises and vista views.
A quiet, simple place where the pace soothes the soul.

I seek a fuller depth.
Within a life of meaning and love.
Here the world runs rampant everywhere I turn.

I do not want to turn and run.
When my heart cannot find it here.
I know it is inside, the only place could be.

I go, I flee, I drive.
For I know it cannot be here amid this.
To find the quiet place of peace, I seek within the deep.