Seek Moments

Many seek riches. Seek moments.
Many seek fame. Seek impact.
Many seek power. Seek humility.
Many seek attention. Seek meekness.

Many are the ways of man.
Few are the ways of meaning.
Many are the common.
Few are the extraordinary.

Loud are the shouts of the lonely and lost.
Quiet are the praises raised in solitude.
Extravagant & colorful are those that shout 'look at me,' often silently.

Simple is the heart, contented in its pursuits.
Abundant are the distractions and detours to a life well lived.

Only What Matters

Hold only what matters.
And as you do, do so loosely.

Quiet your mind, still your heart.
Everywhere you look, distractions & temptations.

Look deeply inside. And do so often.
Embrace what you discover. Untangle what's been knotted & remains tightly bound.

Let go of life's stuff, expectations, beliefs & ideas. 
And as you go, rest & renew your mind.

Hold only what matters. That which cannot be held.

A Quiet Place

I seek a quiet place.
A mountain, a stream, a lake.
A quiet place, where thoughts move in tidal swings.

I seek a simple life.
Of trees, explosive sunrises and vista views.
A quiet, simple place where the pace soothes the soul.

I seek a fuller depth.
Within a life of meaning and love.
Here the world runs rampant everywhere I turn.

I do not want to turn and run.
When my heart cannot find it here.
I know it is inside, the only place could be.

I go, I flee, I drive.
For I know it cannot be here amid this.
To find the quiet place of peace, I seek within the deep.