Day 7 ... gratitude, friends & family and a perspective shift

While everything in my life has been going pretty well, I knew there where a few things that needed to change. I just didn't know how exactly what and how to get into action over them. The past week has been a really good week. I know, it's Wednesday, but since I worked all weekend, it feels like it's been a week and a half this week. I needed a reset, i need to get through some unrest - I just needed to do a few things.

1: "Choose my attitude"

I started reading Jon Acuff's Do Over and am looking forward to a drive up to Tacoma in the morning to listen to it (through Audible on Kindle) while i drive up & back. I'm not too far into it, but something Acuff wrote struck a chord with me - it's not about changing my attitude, it's about choosing my attitude. I can choose to be many things - a more empathetic co-worker, a more concerned customer service agent, a more helpful listener. When I serve, i thrive. Simply put, i can apply this principle in every component of my life.

It’s on us! Good job, dream job, bad job, no job - this remains true!
— Jon Acuff in Do Over

3: "Appreciate my friends & family more"

It had been a while since i'd been with my people, since i'd seen some friends i need to see more often. I was so excited for that today. I had a friend stop by and I helped him get some movie tickets. My brother and another friend came over for dinner of Eggplant Punjab over brown rice that turned out to be a pretty decent for the first time making it. (I'm gonna make a pretty good housewife someday ha!). And then i got to spend some time hanging out with some dudes, talking about God, which is pretty much one of my favorite activities these days. I needed that. I needed the spiritual rejuvenation. I needed to connect. I needed that perspective.

3: "Practice gratituding"

I didn't think much of that word the first time i wrote it, but a friend commented how much he liked it and it's stuck since. It's a practice. It's an intention. Plain & simple, when i appreciate what i have and just how blessed I am, my days & interactions and usefulness to others is amplified significantly. I need to do this more. I spent some time in reflection this morning on my life, my job, my family, my health, my priorities, my purpose and my meaning and it became so blatantly obvious how good i have it.

It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.
— Henry David Thoreau

Another day along the journey, I didn't think that it'd go this direction. We'll see what tomorrow brings us. Day 7. check!