When Hearts Speak

Listen to just the words and know little.
Listen for the words of the heart and hear fully.

Common words full of fear & pain & despair, though they may not always sound like it.
Find & embrace those who speak words of love, hidden in their heart.

In this place that is rare. Everyone everywhere, distracted, burdened, busy & off-course. 
Words of the heart speak wisdom. From an unknown place deep within us all.

Be quiet & listen, hear examples & inspirations. Look for the heart in every word.
Do not be pleased to simply hear just the words, but seek the heart.

Many speak without saying much. Happy is an ear to hear that which speaks truth's meaning.

Listen to the words, listen to the eyes, listen to the heart. Hear them inside you before they are spoken. 

Pause often to listen. There is no rush, although it always seems there is.