This was not supposed to be the plan...

On the 3rd day in, I failed. I've been caught in a period of inaction and reduced desire, fear and anxiety over how to restart this writing project. I've decided that the best way to restart the 31days writing challenge is to just start with this admission.

I could talk and talk about how i've been out of town for work, haven't had anything to write about or blah, blah, blah...but those are all just justifications and rationalizations. And i try not to do that anymore today, which made for an interesting interaction when I got pulled over last month and had to just simply admit that I should have been paying better attention to the speed I was going.

I could tell you about how i've checked to see if I could manipulate the publish date to make it look like I'd succeeded in writing & posting everyday. I could do a ton of this, but i won't. 

What i'll do instead is to learn from this process and embrace opportunities to become better. A better steward of my time. More committed to my commitments. More resourceful in capturing ideas when i have them throughout the day (of which there have been many).

But in the end, it doesn't really matter anyway because I'm writing this for me, not for anyone else. Any excuse I make is to myself, not to any readers (of which there are few anyhow).

So, this will cover days 3, 4, 5. I'll attempt to right this train tomorrow and write in a timely manner about something. What? We'll see. I'll be traveling back over the mountains tomorrow, then am going to see Everest and get some books back tomorrow night. 

I've admitted and accepted my imperfection on this one, my failure and now all i can do is learn from it.